OWL-M30 Drone 2 x Parachute
OWL-M30 Drone 2 x Parachute
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OWL-M30 Drone 2 x Parachute

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The Parachute Owl-M30 for DJI Matrice 30 Pro offers a modular and reusable design. With the PSDK paddle stop function, eliminate any risk of the parachute becoming entangled. Quick installation to be ready to take off every flight.


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Elevate your flight safety with the Parachute Owl Drone designed for DJI Matrice 30 Pro. Its modular and reusable design guarantees reliable protection. The PSDK paddle stop function eliminates any risk of parachute entanglement, ensuring maximum safety. Quick installation allows you to be ready for every flight without compromising on safety. Compatible exclusively with the DJI Matrice 30 series.

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