Location - ZENMUSE L2

Location - ZENMUSE L2

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Rental of the DJI Zenmuse L2 sensor. 


Long term rental available on request. 


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  • Matrix 350 RTK
  • Matrix 300 RTK

To use the L2 with the M300 RTK, it is imperative to use the DJI RC Plus, which must be purchased separately, and to perform a firmware update. It is important to note that the L2 is not compatible with the M300 RTK's standard remote control, the Smart Controller Enterprise.

30% increase in detection range. The L2 can detect from 250 meters with 10% reflectivity and 100 klx, and up to 450 meters with 50% reflectivity and 0 klx. Typical operational altitude now extends to 120 meters, significantly improving operational safety and efficiency. Smaller laser spots, denser point clouds. With a reduced spot size of 4x12cm at 100m, only a fifth of that of L1, L2 not only detects smaller objects with greater detail, but can also penetrate denser vegetation, generating more accurate digital elevation models (DEMs). Support for 5 returns. In areas with heavy vegetation, L2 can capture more ground points under the foliage. Effective point cloud rate: 240,000 pts/s. In single or multiple return mode, the L2 can achieve a maximum point cloud emission rate of 240,000 points per second, allowing more point cloud data to be acquired in a given period of time. Two scanning modes. The L2 supports two scanning modes, providing users flexibility depending on their task requirements. In repetitive scanning mode, the L2's LiDAR can produce more uniform and accurate point clouds while meeting high-precision mapping requirements. In non-repetitive scanning mode, it provides deeper penetration to obtain more structural information, making it suitable for power line inspection, forestry surveying and other scenarios. Improved precision. The high-precision self-developed IMU system, combined with the drone's RTK positioning system for data fusion in post-processing, allows the L2 to access high-precision absolute position, velocity and attitude information. precision. Additionally, the increased environmental adaptability of the IMU system improves the operational reliability and accuracy of the L2. Yaw accuracy [6] Real time: 0.2°, post-processing: 0.05° Pitch and roll accuracy [6] Real time: 0.05°, post-processing: 0.025°. No warming up of the IMU. The performance of the IMU system has been significantly improved and it is ready for use as soon as it is powered on. Additionally, the accompanying drone is ready to begin its tasks as soon as the RTK is in FIX state, helping to optimize the field experience. CMOS 4/3, mechanical shutter. Pixel size has been enlarged to 3.3 μm, and effective pixels now reach 20 MP, resulting in a significant improvement in overall imaging, as well as more enriched true-color point cloud details . The minimum interval between photos has been reduced to 0.7 seconds. The mapping camera can be used up to 200,000 times, further reducing operating costs. When point cloud collection is not needed, the RGB camera can still take photos and videos, or collect images for visible light mapping.

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