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DJI AGRAS T50 | Dual atomization spray system assembly

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The DJI AGRAS T50's dual atomization spray system maximizes the efficiency of agricultural operations with an ultra-high flow rate of up to 24 L/min, ensuring uniform and precise application of treatments to your crops.


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The DJI AGRAS T50's dual atomization spray system is designed to deliver exceptional spray performance in the agricultural sector. Capable of generating fine, uniform spray droplets without leaking, this system includes a 40 liter tank and can support a payload of 40 kg. It is equipped as standard with two LX8060SZ centrifugal sprayers, with the possibility of adding two more to increase the maximum flow rate to 24 L/min, suitable for high application volumes. The system also simplifies manual operations with the reverse spray function, allowing crops to be covered effectively without the need for turns.

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