Autel Evo II Pro 6K V3
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Autel Evo II Pro 6K V3

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Autel EVO II Pro V3 is a camera drone equipped with Sony's latest 20-megapixel 1-inch CMOS image sensor. Thanks to this powerful sensor, the EVO II Pro V3 can capture video at resolutions up to 6K, with improved dynamic range, noise cancellation and higher frame rates. Additionally, this drone's lens has an adjustable aperture from f2.8 to f11 and a maximum sensitivity of ISO 44,000, giving photographers greater control and creative freedom when taking photos. or videos.

The Autel Robotics EVO II Pro V3 comes with two mission planners: Rectangular and Polygon. These mission planners are especially useful for professionals who need to capture a large number of images in a rectangular or polygonal area. Using these planners, pilots can plan and execute missions autonomously, saving them time and effort. Once images are captured, users can upload them to their favorite 3D mapping software to generate accurate, detailed maps. With the EVO II Pro V3's mission planners, pilots can achieve their objectives more efficiently and accurately.

  • 6.4" Smart Controller SE
  • 15km(9.3 miles) Image Transmission
  • Moonlight Algorithm 2.0
  • SkyLink 2.0
  • 12-bit DNG
  • 360° Obstacle Avoidance
  • Dynamic Track 2.1
  • 40 Mins Flight Time


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