Aurelia - X6 Standard LE
Aurelia - X6 Standard LE
Aurelia - X6 Standard LE
Aurelia - X6 Standard LE
Aurelia - X6 Standard LE
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Aurelia - X6 Standard LE

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The Aurelia X6 Standard LE is our base X6 model, built with a sturdy chassis, suitable for those looking for an affordable option. The drone with the long-lasting batteries flies up to 45 minutes. The Aurelia X6 Standard LE is an excellent drone starter for those looking to do a lot of drone testing for their new projects.

Aurelia Aerospace can modify the Aurelia X6 Standard to meet any customization requirements.


***L.E stands for Long Endurance 


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Let the Aurelia X6 Standard LE (Long Endurance) breathe life into your ideas! With a large loading bay, this platform designed for professional and industrial use offers unbeatable versatility for a wide range of payloads and is capable of carrying up to 5 kg (11 lb).

When a drone equipped with only 4 motors loses a motor, the device immediately loses stability and crashes to the ground.

With the 6-motor configuration of the Aurelia X6 Standard, you can fly with peace of mind, knowing that even if one engine fails, the aircraft will stay in the air and maintain stable flight.

With over 20 flight modes available, including a new swarm mode (allowing you to fly multiple X6 planes at the same time), the Aurelia X6 Standard has a flight mode for any mission.

QGroundControl (QGC) mission planning software, available free for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, lets you set flight modes, program routes on Google Maps, set altitudes, geofencing, and more Again.

Mission Planner software (also free) is also recommended for those looking for mission planning software with additional features

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