Osmo Action Camera - Circular Polarizer - Cinema Series
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Osmo Action Camera - Circular Polarizer - Cinema Series

Code de produit : OAC-CS-CP

The essential filter to reduce glare from reflective surfaces and boostsaturation in your compositions. With the ability to rotate the filter whileinstalled, the CP can increase or decrease polarization depending upon yourdesired effect. 

·        Specifically designed for the OsmoAction, replaces the stock UV

·        Magnetic HotSwap System allowsyou to quickly remove or change the filter without unthreading the base

·        16-layers of anti-reflective,anti-scratch, and anti-oil/water coatings

·        Filter System is fully splash-proofagainst drops and rain. CP's in general should not be used underwater dueto light falloff

53,99$ CAD
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