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Drones at the service of insurance

Data collection for insurance

The conduct of inspections is a common procedure in the field of insurance, whether at the commercial level or at the individual level. These allow the insurer to collect data relating to a property or goods and therefore offer customers the guarantees they need in order to protect their properties.

In some cases, this also allows the insurer to determine the risks that could lead to a claim. Drone photography is generally used to document the file, by taking height, over large areas and to facilitate the interpretation of the report or to take measurements.

The drone is an effective tool for processing claims,
for example, for post-event documentation during disasters:


Flooding as we know it in some areas.

Breakage or major damage (Hurricane, earthquake or other incidents).

Natural disasters (Landslides, landslides).

The Allstate Experience

In the United States in 2016, Allstate Insurance Company used drones for spring storm claims. It only took the company 4.5 days to produce a repair estimate from the time a customer reported damage. Typically, this process takes 11 days, said Glenn Shapiro, Allstate's executive vice president of claims at that time.


Some concrete applications of the drone for the insurance sector

Calculations of areas and measurements of buildings by photogrammetry.
Documentation before
or after disaster.
Inspection of heating appliances or inaccessible places such as roofs.
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